SlideShow, a work in progress-Our toy collections, how do we get the toys to Israel, who helps us, and who receives the toys.

Some text...How do you describe the feelings of reaching our first goal of 100,000 toys collected and sent to Israel for distribution at several charities? Among our drop off sites are Meir Hospital, Gilo Community Center School, Rambam Hospital, Tel Hashomer Hospital, Migdal Ohr, Emunah Afula, Miklat bat Melech, and One Family Fund.
 If my son, Sammy G. hadn't mentioned that we should donate stuffed toys to the children in Israel, we may never have started this project. It all began with one Build a bear in the Fall of 2002 at the Cong. Beth Israel Religious school in Bergenfield, donated by Sam V...
If I hadn't missed Sharon Evans lecture at Temple Emanuel that special day, I may never have driven out to JFK El Al to meet her and her daughter, Monique Goldwasser, a victim of terror, with 30 toys to donate. They may never have found us a contact and connections in Israel to send the toys. They set us up with Kids4kids in Jerusalem.
If Sharon Evans hadn't walked into the ESRA Yad Shineyah in Kfar Saba to donate a Coca Cola teddy bear to the volunteer Betty Wolfe, I would never have met the Wolfes who have been helping me with the toy pick ups in Israel for the past 9 years. If Betty and Ed hadn't introduced me to Tova Reich in Bergenfield, I wouldn't have known of her clothes collecting or been able to increase my contacts through her.
There are so many "what ifs" but that is another story...

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