Bears From Bergenfield! Show you care: Share a bear! - Contact Rabbi Claire @

How you can help:

We offer an opportunity to do hesed, gimilut hasadim, "hands on mitzvah" in a fun, creative, and fulfilling way.


Donate your gently loved toys and teddy bears. (*no battery, no dark colored, no stiff ones, just small, just soft, and  just huggable)

Organize a *stuffed toy DRIVE at your shul, school, religious center, or youth group. After you collect and sort through the toys, organize a FUNDRAISER to pay the costs of shipping to Israel.  

Donate from your loved ones' estates such as the Rosalie B. Levinstone estate of 2013.

Donate funds to ship our donations to Israel.  Each full DUFFLE costs $100-$220 to ship, (if you show them the El Al email, it still costs $100!). We can't ship YOUR toys without YOUR donated funds to cover those shipping costs. Suggested donation starts at $36 per bag of toys. Each duffle holds approximately 39 gallons of toys.

Hire me for weddings, tutoring, or bnai mitzvah. Fees paid are a donation to Bears from Bergenfield and help to pay for shipping. We NEED your donated funds to pay for shipping.

We can be hired to provide your child with a teddy bear stuffing party for as little as $10 per completed stuffed animal set,(when you order 50 or more- $12.50 per stuffed pet for 50 and under, includes shipping to Israel), or show him/her  how to run a collection for gently used and much loved stuffed animals and collect them for us. We also offer yarn for knitting bear parties.
Show you care, share a bear!

Going to Israel?  Bring a duffel full of toys or stuffed animals with you.

Live in Israel?  Volunteer to pick up a duffel at Ben Gurion airport.  Please contact Ed Wolfe for details. 

YOU can also order a Share with Claire's bears; BEARS FROM BERGENFIELD t-shirt for $18/ 2@ $30, limited timed offer. (designed by our new friend, Cari Snider). 

Help us raise the funds to get the toys to Israel and build our "Bears against Bullies" world wide center in Israel. All it takes is one bear and $!8 to get started. You can make a "bear"y big difference in the lives of those being bullied/abused.
It is good to share with Claire's bears. Come join the growing Bears from Bergenfield family.

With "bear-y" much love and hugs, the Teddy Bear Rabbi, Claire's bears.

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