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Welcome! to Bears from

"Bears against Bullies, United."

Taking down one bully at a time with one gift of a bear from you. Over 170,000 toys collected! 

Bears from Bergenfield: We collect gently loved stuffed animals and toys
and fly them to Israel for children of all faiths who have been traumatized by  bullies, war, and illness.

It all began with one Build a Bear in the Fall of 2002 at Congregation Beth Israel Religious School in Bergenfield.  The idea for Bears From Bergenfield was born more than 12 years ago when my son, Sam Goldstein,  himself was hospitalized. Can you imagine a life without toys to play with or teddy bears to hug? Well neither could Sam or the rest of us at Cong. Beth Israel Hebrew school in Bergenfield, NJ.  It was his idea to collect slightly used stuffed toys. We were hoping to collect 50-100. That was 14 years ago and 170,000 toys ago.

  Now you can join us and be part of our CLAIRE'S BEARS team.   Learn more here and follow us on facebook.

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